Python requirement

OrphHCA requires Biopython and can be downloaded here.

System requirement

The OrphHCA softwares are using several tools that need to be installed independtly on your computer. The localisation of thee tools have to be specified in the configuration file PATH.ini. The PATH.ini file is a basic configuration file used by the python ConfigParser module .

PATH.ini syntax:

The environment variable ORPHHCA_DATA toward PATH.ini need to be set up.

export ORPHHCA_DATA=`pwd`

The following executable should be installed on your computer and present in the PATH.ini file:

An example of PATH.ini can be found here.


The easiest way to install OrphHCA is to use pip:

pip install orphHCA --user

You can also clone the sources from git and install locally:

git clone ssh://
cd orphhca.git*
python install --user

alternatively you can download the sources as a zip:

Read the Tutorial for a quick start on how to use OrphHCA!